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SolarPowerStore – Battery Options

The majority of SolarPowerStore Power Systems store energy in batteries so that you are able to run your loads when the PV System may not be producing enough to meet demand at that moment.

Generally when you choose the size of your DEEP CYCLE BATTERY BANK you never expect to use more than half of what it can hold. This basically means you are limited to a 50% Depth of Discharge. This 50% D.O.D. will increase the life expectancy of the batteries compared with a 80% D.O.D. You will also like to have room for a couple of days storage in the event of inclement weather or unexpected guests. As a very general rule we suggest 200 amp hours of storage per Solar Panel.

Specifically, here is how to size your battery requirements:

1. Decide on how many days storage you require.

For a 3 day weekend at the cottage you need 3.

2. Multiply # Days of Storage by your watt hour load per day

3. Divide by 0.5 (D.O.D.) The result is your required storage.

4. Determine the watt hour capacity of your selected battery

by multiplying the amp hour capacity by its voltage.

e.g.:6 volt x 220 ah golf cart = 1320 watt hours
Battery Bank Sizes: Type Watt Hours
12 Volt 100 Amp Hours Gelcell 1200
12 Volt 220 Amp Hours wet 2640
24 Volt 220 Amp Hours wet 5280
12 Volt 427 Amp Hours wet 5124
24 Volt 427 Amp Hours wet 10248
12 Volt 1025 Amp Hours wet 12300
24 Volt 1025 Amp Hours wet 24600

Battery Bank Building Blocks:
Model: Amp Hours
6 Volt 3 Cell GC 2200 220 ah
6 Volt 3 Cell 6 CS 25 PS 1025 ah
8 Volt 4 Cell 8 HHG 31 PS 430 ah
12 Volt 6 Cell 12 CS 11 PS 427 ah

  • Optional Bolt on Connections available

Your Battery bank sizing is critical because it dictates how much energy is available for the inverter to use.

Typically, a cottage that is used just on weekends requires a proportionately larger battery bank and fewer solar panels because you "deposit" into your battery bank all week but only "withdraw" from it over a short weekend. In a cottage that is operating with occupants all week long we require a larger proportion of solar panels and a modest battery bank.

At SolarPowerStore we are happy to assist you in selecting the proper size of battery bank for your application.

Location: Your batteries should be located somewhere warm and dry. Safety is important when working with batteries, they should always be in a separate, locked room or container that is vented to the outside. When purchasing our batteries be sure to ask for our battery safety checklist.


No the batteries will not freeze provided the system is allowed to continue operating. In the winter the panels still produce electricity and the controller continues to keep the batteries fully charged. Fully charged batteries freeze only at extremely low temperatures.

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